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If you hadn’t all ready hear John has all ready entered rehearsals for his directorial debut, Spring Awakening. Tickets are on sale for the show, which is on at The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre from 20th June to 14th July. Just CLICK HERE to book now! For more info in the show visit OutFoxProductions.com.


In other news we can reveal yet another chapter in the ERGO Direkt campaign – video below or on the Videos Page



And another in the Weather Forecast sponsorship series too!




We’re also pleased to announce that ‘The Watchers’, a short film starring John will be screening at The Loch Ness Film Festival,  Eat My Short in Dublin and The New Media Festival in LA, where there will be a Q & A with the director Mark Bowsher on the opening night of the festival.


Sometimes we spoil you!


Another ERGO We…

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Another ERGO Weather sponsorship advert? Yes that’s right you lucky folks more craziness with hamsters right here – head over to the videos section to see the whole campaign!


The Watchers Trailer

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It may have been a while since we’ve seen John do something more serious but this seems to be it… Have a gander at the new trailer for short film ‘The Watchers’, which is being for submitted for festivals as we speak!

But the comedy has not disappeared – oh no – expect more from the ERGO Direkt campaign as John has just returned after another bout of filming in Berlin recently. Busy, busy it would seem!

ERGO Direkt Sponsors The Weather Forecast

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We told you there’d be more soon and we don’t disappoint! ERGO Direkt are now sponsoring the weather forecast over in Germany and here are the goods for you to sample online.

Tornado Intro:

Tornado Outro:

Cloud (Intro & Outro):


We suspect there maybe a more Summery one to come later in the year but then we have no idea how the weather is in Germany right now!

Enjoy – and check back soon for more OutFox news (we can smell an announcement happening very soon)!

An Apology

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Our sincere apologies to anybody who has had problems accessing the site over the last few days – it appears that unfortunately we had some technical issues going on but fortunately it looks like everything is back up and working fine again now.

Don’t forget to pop over to www.outfoxproductions.com too and check out John’s new theatre company (they don’t seem to be having our technical gremlins)! We hear they are very close to announcing details of their first show. Can’t wait!

Time to get OutFoxed

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If you’ve been keeping up with John’s Twitter feed then you’ll have all ready realised that John has launched a brand new theatrical production company with Kirsty Fox (formerly a founder of Organised Chaos in Manchester). OutFox Productions have their own website all ready and although the project is still in it’s early stages we’re all incredibly excited by it! Guesses about what the first show could be are wide and numerous but whatever it is we’re sure it’ll be fab – we’ve linked to them in the side bar but here’s the link for those of you too lazy to find it:


You can also like the company on Facebook by going to http://www.facebook.com/OutFoxProductions

We’ve also heard of more ERGO adverts in the pipeline so as always keep your eyes peeled for those in the coming months.

Oh and Happy New Year everyone!


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Look what we completely forgot to let you lovely site visitors know about! You thought it had been a while since the l.ast CAFLT TV Episode well – kick start 2012 with something funny!