Your Highness (2011)

Some exclusive quotes from the Making Of…

Danny McBride

“John Fricker. Crazy man. He is insane.”

“It was cool to see him get in there and get his hands dirty.”

“As soon as he auditioned we were really sure, it was one of those things, of wow this guy is exactly what we had imagined for this. He was game for anything, he shaved his eyebrows off, he shaved all his body hair.”

David Gordon Green:

“This is a guy that was really committed, dedicated to it and really brought ferocity to something that could otherwise have just been a run of the mill Jabba the Hutt kind of character”

Director David Gordon Green on casting John:

The villains, especially the character Marteetee, were really scary, which was surprising.
We never wanted to approach this — as contradictory as this statement sounds — as a comedy. Technically we wanted it to have a dramatic structure centered around brotherhood and chivalry, and then we wanted to embellish that with incredible situations and creatures. We wanted the quality of a legitimate action-fantasy movie, just a very funny version of it. Marteetee was a nod to the original Jabba the Hutt, when it was just a guy.

Wait, really?
Yeah. In Empire, I think he originally made a cameo and it was just a big Irish dude … the guy we got to play Marteetee, John Fricker, had never been on an airplane before. He’s just a guy who showed up at an audition and blew our minds.”

From interview with Amos Barshad

“The cast is top notch. McBride is the same charismatic asshole we love and want him to be. Franco is great as the heroic and somewhat naive prince. Theroux as Laazar is as appropriately wicked as he is silly, but John Fricker is even better as the sinister, creepy and hilariously oversexed man-child, Marteetee.”

From Mishka Bloglin

“Many of the most exciting moments of the film are when Green allows his imagination to run wild. A particular battle scene involving a multiple-headed reptilian creature who’s literally controlled by the hand of actor John Fricker, who plays the evil but entertaining Marteetee, is a standout moment.”

Benjamin Wright in The USF Oracle

“Most of the cast… does a decent… job, with Theroux and John Fricker (as the bizarre forest-king Marteetee) faring best.”

Carl The Sock on

“the weirdest looking man I’ve seen on a cinema screen in some time”

didymusbrush on The Velvet Onion

“The one original and entertaining sequence features a kind of evil big baby called Marteetee (John Fricker), who controls a five-headed Hydra with his hands.”

Cosmo Landesman in The Sunday Times Magazine

“there’s one truly trippy scene in which the brothers, who have been captured by a tribe of topless warrior chicks, find themselves in an arena doing battle with a five-headed hydra controlled by a bald despot (John Fricker) by dipping his hand in a vat of yellow paint.”

Ana Lewinson in Fairfield Weekly


“There is some topless nudity with Marteetee’s tribe. He’s a very scary satanic figure who may give sensitive people nightmares.”

A Catholic Perspective via

“…the film’s heroes face off against Marteetee (John Fricker), a diaper-clad adversary who uses his hand to control a five-headed Hydra… Isabel [Natalie Portman] lops off his fingers one at a time until only the middle one is left…”

Peter Debruge in Variety

“an infantilized chieftain with a spit curl squiggle down his forehead who wields a hand-puppet hydra”

Nick Pinkerton in The Village Voice

“Marteetee’s (John Fricker) gauntlet that eventually saw the five headed hydra had a bit of a Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome vibe to it.”

Chris Sawin in Houston Examiner

“a strange bald overlord (John Fricker) wіth a magical vat οf squash soup”

Amy Biancolli in The San Francisco Chronicle

“Your Highness also gives us a lot of boobs courtesy a band of Amazons at the beck of a Zach Snyder grotesque (John Fricker)”

Walter Chaw on



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  1. does anyone have an image of Marteetee, it’s not on the internet yet and I need to see it again? Marteetee haunts my dreams, so creepy..

  2. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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