The Absinthe Monologues (2008)

Chortle ****, Nione Meakin

“the acting awe-inspiringly excellent”

Broadway Baby

“The host (John Fricker) is excellent – everything is spot on: from his costume to his physique; from his accent to his capacity to down absinthe (I’m hoping his was coloured water: otherwise I am seriously worried about his health come September).”

“the performances are consistently excellent”, John Vassallo 11 08 2007

“John Fricker the ‘Cad’ in the Fez has an especially cherubic countenance that contrasts with his depraved monologues quite well”

CurioFestival, Curio

“Sinjin (John Fricker), like sin itself, is curiously loveable. Whether you want to or not, this porky fop and his sordid imaginings, is the protagonist who drags us into his terrible world; a world where bad taste and tragedy collide.”

“Two Word Verdict: Wicked Stuff”


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