The Probability of Love

Welcome to 2014 everybody!

Already John is working away on more projects. This Saturday sees the first performance of The Probability of Love by Richard Fitchett at The Space. For those of you who missed John’s last directing job (the double Offie nominated Corpus Christi), now is the perfect time to see John’s work on in this lovely venue. Examining exactly how much more likely he is to bump into Paris Hilton than he is to win the lottery, Howard takes us on an hilarious journey through mathematics and… um.. Coventry…

By booking tickets you’ll get to see not only the marvellous Daniel Collard  (who also worked with John on Corpus), but also FOUR other monologues on wide variety of topics and all for only £12! You can even get a discount if you want to see more of the programmes on offer as part of The One Festival 2014 as booking for more than one programme should get you a £4 per ticket discount! Which could potentially mean less than a pound per play… bargain! Get your tickets quick by CLICKING HERE as there are only three performances to catch.

For those of you who follow all things OutFox, you’ll have noticed that preparation for The Gut Girls is well under way. John is once again co-producing with Amy Gunn on directing duties down at the Jack. Check out more details by visiting the OutFox pages HERE.

We’ve also had a bit of a rewrite and rejig of the website, so do take a moment to have a look around some of the new stuff whilst you’re here.


~ by frickerjohn on 22/01/2014.

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