Time to get OutFoxed

If you’ve been keeping up with John’s Twitter feed then you’ll have all ready realised that John has launched a brand new theatrical production company with Kirsty Fox (formerly a founder of Organised Chaos in Manchester). OutFox Productions have their own website all ready and although the project is still in it’s early stages we’re all incredibly excited by it! Guesses about what the first show could be are wide and numerous but whatever it is we’re sure it’ll be fab – we’ve linked to them in the side bar but here’s the link for those of you too lazy to find it:


You can also like the company on Facebook by going to http://www.facebook.com/OutFoxProductions

We’ve also heard of more ERGO adverts in the pipeline so as always keep your eyes peeled for those in the coming months.

Oh and Happy New Year everyone!


~ by frickerjohn on 08/01/2012.

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