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Found a broken link?

Want to receive an email whenever there’s a new post?

Any comments or suggestions you want to share with us but not just any Tom, Dick or Harry?


You can now email us! The address is info[at] (don’t forget to replace the [at] with an @). We’ll happily keep you up to date with all the latest John happenings and try and answer your queries or sort out any issues your having.


If your question is work related or if you’ve got fan mail to send we still suggest you contact John’s agents Marcus & Mccrimmon (postal address on their website linked on the right hand side, email address at the top of the navigation column too), but for anything else or if you’ve got a story you’d like us to share then please get in touch.


All the best!



~ by frickerjohn on 04/08/2011.

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