4 days and counting

That’s right – August 8th is the release date for the longer, harder version of Your Highness is released on DVD! We highly suggest you head on over to Amazon and pre-order your copy – NOW – by simply clicking here! Or indeed any other respected online retailer will do! To get you in the mood why not take the following actions:


1- View the trailer below:


2- Read what the reviewers said about John’s performance HERE along with some comments from director David Gordon Green and Producer/Star/All Round Lovely Man Danny McBride.


3- Go like the film on Facebook (whilst you’re there don’t forget to like John’s page too, or if you’re a twitterer you can follow the man himself on there – links in the bottom right).


4- Why not check out Pineapple Express or Eastbound & Down – Danny and David’s other collaborations.


5- Get the beers and popcorn in!


Enjoy it y’all!



~ by frickerjohn on 04/08/2011.

One Response to “4 days and counting”

  1. We’ve just noticed this is our 75th post – wayhey!

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