Happy Birthday John!

Yep – John’s birthday has now passed (it was the 7th for those who didn’t know) so hope he enjoyed it – as a special treat for him this interview came out recently on the NYMag website. A huge thanks to both to inestimable David Gordon Green and Amos Barshad for pointing out the wonders of John!

The villains, especially the character Marteetee, were really scary, which was surprising.

We never wanted to approach this — as contradictory as this statement sounds — as a comedy. Technically we wanted it to have a dramatic structure centered around brotherhood and chivalry, and then we wanted to embellish that with incredible situations and creatures. We wanted the quality of a legitimate action-fantasy movie, just a very funny version of it. Marteetee was a nod to the original Jabba the Hutt, when it was just a guy.

Wait, really?
Yeah. In Empire, I think he originally made a cameo and it was just a big Irish dude … the guy we got to play Marteetee, John Fricker, had never been on an airplane before. He’s just a guy who showed up at an audition and blew our minds.”

http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/04/david_gordon_green_on_the_bar.html <—–Go here for the full interview!

Now excuse us whilst we scuttle around the room excitedly and try and post the phrase “He’s just a guy who showed up at an audition and blew our minds.” all over the site! (Or at least make a reviews section for YH and put it there and at the top of the page.)

PS John has told us there may be a quote from Danny McBride in the making of, which will also blow our minds but we think this’ll be on the DVD so we may have to go all legal and see if we can put it up before that gets on here – Don’t forget all it’s out NEXT WEDNESDAY in the UK and FRIDAY in the US & Canada!


~ by frickerjohn on 07/04/2011.

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