Soon my pretties, soon…

Just 3 days to go for our readers in the USA and just 8 for the UK before the release of Your Highness featuring John. Some early reviews are kicking around now including this one at The Playlist. We’re definitely sold and are incredibly excited. It looks as thought there won’t be any red carpet action but there is a chance for you to win tickets to a preview screening HERE, so get clicking (this one’s only for London). We’ve also been excited recently to see the updated cast list on IMDB HERE, and we’re sure a few of you might be excited too, learn that some of those scantily clad ladies have been scantily clad in a few notable publications before now such as Amii Grove (3rd in Nuts Magazine’s top 100 Sexiest Women)! We’re also pretty sure that this picture HERE is Natalie Portman facing off with John in their scene together. Wonder if Marteetee survives this encounter!?

Also those of you following John on Twitter (and if you’re not following him – what are you doing? Get on there and fix it!) will have noticed his recent tweets about the “Making Of…” Documentary – have to say we love the thought of this but can say no more at present – we’ll try and keep our eyes out for any screening times – if you know of any don’t hesitate to send us a comment in the box below so everyone can see! We also realise the world première has happened in Santa Barbra recently – if you were there – tell us what you thought of John’s performance (not forgetting to warn our other readers about any spoilers) using the same box!

Exciting times! As always keep your eyes peeled for all the latest!


~ by frickerjohn on 05/04/2011.

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