And Still They Watch

John is currently filming  The Watchers – a new short film from the man behind CAFLT Productions but with a much more serious tone to his normal work, Mark Bowsher. We can’t reveal much about the film yet but it sounds like it’s going to be very interesting and we have heard the phrase “multi-format” used, which has us intrigued to say the least!


And talking of still watching, (see what we did there?) don’t forget to keep checking out IMDB for the latest news on Your Highness – there’s less than a month to go and excitement is mounting everywhere! There’s been TV spots, posters and a word or two from Zooey Deschanel posted recently and a few early audience reactions which are mostly positive, but to be frank, we would be excited if they all called it a bucket of wet fish… you get the idea.


We’ve also heard word that How to Become A Criminal Mastermind is nearing completion and we’re all very excited to see the results of the hard work of everyone involved, it should be truly awesome and we’re sure reactions will be positive.


There’s talk of some more work on the Ergo Direkt campaign from John too, which does sound like it’s going to be marvellously fun for a dental insurance advert!


As always keep checking back and we’ll keep you updated. Happy March to one and all!


~ by frickerjohn on 18/03/2011.

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