2011… things to look forward to…

It’s going to be exciting folks!

First up for those of you who missed the end of 2010 Miranda Hart special we’re pleased to say you can still catch John’s sketch onlince thanks to the BBC – JUST CLICK HERE!

Coming up in 2011 is much fun though (to quote the great lady), there are going to be not one but two feature films featuring John, due to be unleashed, Your Highness (link to official site here), due for release on May 13th in the UK (April 8th if you’re in the US) and the low budget How to Become A Criminal Mastermind (link to official site here), which we’re really looking forward to as well (and hoping someone has the sense to get this released).

We’re sure there’ll be more to content yourself with in John Land (TM) over the coming 12 months but in the meantime why not soothe yourself with the sound of his voice over at Librivox.org by CLICKING HERE? You could catch a bit of Shakespeare or with a bit of patience there’ll be some non-fiction and even a musical coming soon!

Happy New Year Everyone!


~ by frickerjohn on 08/01/2011.

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