The glory of iPlayer (..and iTurds)

What? You missed Unwrapped with Miranda Hart? Have no fear – it’s all ready up on iPlayer and you can check it out by clicking here! That’s right you’ll find John at about 11:55 in (not that we’d say skip to that bit… but it is good) and fourth in the credits (the joys of Alphabetical credits)!


Gosh it feels good to be posting an iPlayer link. Don’t forget you can download the episode and watch it for 30 days before it expires if you can’t get to it any time soon. Oh and we’re not sure when Apple are releasing the iTurd… time will tell…


Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for ‘How to Become a Criminal Mastermind’ and ‘Your Highness’ in the new year… Well… if you can’t wait that long you could always watch either the red band trailer below or if your a bit sensitive you can check out the green band trailer which can be found on IMDB just by clicking here. Aren’t we good to you?


~ by frickerjohn on 29/12/2010.

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