LibriVox, a worthy cause.

For those of you unfamiliar with LibriVox now is the time to become so.

Inextricably linked to the now renowned Project Gutenberg, LibriVox aims to make recordings of all public domain texts. Not only is this a nice thing for people to have access to it also makes these texts accessible to those with sight problems as well. Having been runnign for over 5 years now the project goes from strength to strength and there are over 3,000 free audio books available to download NOW!

Cue our interest in this: John has become a LibriVox volunteer reader so his voice will be appearing on some freely available work online so any fans out there we suggest you keep listening in here! Do bear in mind that the entire process is undertaken by volunteers so it can take a while for recordings to become available for download. If your waiting for something in particular to come up then why not have a look around at what else is available? There’s a few amazing readers donating their time. And hey – if you’re into the idea, why not become a volunteer yourself?

Take care all and happy listening!


~ by frickerjohn on 29/10/2010.

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