Soho Shorts Dates Announced

For those of you not in th know, Cornered, an ident for Shots magazine featuring John as the Hare in a film noir chase sequence, has been nominated for the Rushes Soho Shorts ‘Broadcast Design’ Award.

The festival will be taking place later this month and the dates you can come along and see all the nominees in the Braodcast Design category are as follows:

Thursday 23rd July 12:00

Tuesday 28th July 12:00

Thursday 30th July 12:00

The collection of nominees films lasts about one hour and all screenings are at the Curzon Cinema, Soho. please contact the festival or cinema to discuss booking, but as these are all official screenings we’re not certain as to whether tickets are generally available.

For more information please visit the SohoShorts website.

To view the ident in all it’s glory check out John’s extended showreel in the videos section – it’s the first clip of the reel.

Enjoy and good luck to all those involved in the film.


~ by frickerjohn on 06/07/2009.

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