The Probability of Love

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Welcome to 2014 everybody!

Already John is working away on more projects. This Saturday sees the first performance of The Probability of Love by Richard Fitchett at The Space. For those of you who missed John’s last directing job (the double Offie nominated Corpus Christi), now is the perfect time to see John’s work on in this lovely venue. Examining exactly how much more likely he is to bump into Paris Hilton than he is to win the lottery, Howard takes us on an hilarious journey through mathematics and… um.. Coventry…

By booking tickets you’ll get to see not only the marvellous Daniel Collard  (who also worked with John on Corpus), but also FOUR other monologues on wide variety of topics and all for only £12! You can even get a discount if you want to see more of the programmes on offer as part of The One Festival 2014 as booking for more than one programme should get you a £4 per ticket discount! Which could potentially mean less than a pound per play… bargain! Get your tickets quick by CLICKING HERE as there are only three performances to catch.

For those of you who follow all things OutFox, you’ll have noticed that preparation for The Gut Girls is well under way. John is once again co-producing with Amy Gunn on directing duties down at the Jack. Check out more details by visiting the OutFox pages HERE.

We’ve also had a bit of a rewrite and rejig of the website, so do take a moment to have a look around some of the new stuff whilst you’re here.


How to Become a Criminal Mastermind

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It may have been a while getting here but we’re delighted to share with you the trailer for John’s second feature film, How to Become a Criminal Mastermind. You’ll notice John being his usual calm and normal self (ahem)… beating people up whilst sporting a rather fetching dungarees/hawaiian shirt combo. It looks simply hilarious and we can’t wait to see the full film! You can find other films of John’s over in the videos section of the site by CLICKING HERE, but just below you should find the trailer we’ve all been waiting for!

You can let us know what you think of the trailer by using the comments section below or click the video to be transported to YouTube comments section where you can like, share and favourite the video too.

New Headshots

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That’s right folks – John’s had some lovely new photos taken! The new shots from Kurt Egyiawan are now available to view in the Gallery on the Headshots page which you can get straight to by CLICKING HERE! Expect to see them popping up everywhere over the next few days and weeks.

The Watchers

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A few of you may have seen the trailer which was up previously on the videos page for John’s 2012 short from Writer/Director Mark Bowsher, or even have been lucky enough to see it at one of the various festivals it played. If you didn’t though you can now see the whole film online in it’s entirety, RIGHT HERE! After winning BEST SHORT at the LA New Media Film Festival, one Huffington Post writer had this to say:

“The Watchers is a spooky, witty, disturbing treat – with aesthetic elements reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, Requiem For A Dream, and early Woody Allen films – but with a style and atmosphere all of its own.” Xaque Gruber, The Huffington Post



John’s also in rehearsals for his next directing project. Rope, performs at the Jack Studio Theatre 9th-27th April. You can find out more details about this on the OutFox Productions website.

Welcome to the Past

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John is shortly to film a piece for the soon to be re-opened Torre Abbey in Devon. Playing a 14th Century guest-master from the abbey, John’s piece will form part of a new exhibition to welcome guests into the Abbey when it re-opens this July.


In directing news, OutFox Productions have announced their next project, Patrick Hamilton’s Rope. The show will perform at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre in April and once again John will be taking the helm as director. You can all ready purchase tickets for the show, by simply CLICKING HERE. For those of you who haven’t all ready noticed, the company has been made Associates at the Jack, so great news all round this time. What a great start to 2013!

More from the Innovations Lab

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That’s right it’s time for the latest in the ERGO Direkt weather sponsorships campaign and this time it’s gone all Autumnal and John’s gone crazy with a leaf blower. We’re imagining this might have been quite a fun one to film! Check them out below or over on the commercials section on the videos page where you can also catch the rest of the ERGO campaign.

In other breaking news you can now book tickets to John’s next show as a Director with OutFox Productions. It’s the UK Premiere of Australian dating comedy Carbon Dating. To book tickets simply click here or for more details on the show click here to be redirected to OutFox’s website.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Spring Awakening

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John has broken into the world of Direction with the début for OutFox Productions, a new adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre.

Reviews are allready staring to come in and John all ready has some nice notices for his role on the show.

One Stop Arts: 4 Stars – **** – “Sexual education has always been a tricky subject but, from the confident new Outfox Productions, Spring Awakeningshows how damaging it can be to not educate our children enough. This is a dark and impressive production adapted by director John Fricker from Frank Wedekind’s 1891 original… John Fricker’s direction keeps things moving enough to include all three sides of the Jack Studio’s auditorium with each scene seamlessly overlapping the next.”

The Stage said: “In bypassing the temptation of a rousing soundtrack, director John Fricker’s adaptation focuses on Wedekind’s uncompromising writing and depiction of the conflict between teenage sexual desire and 19th-century adult morality. Stripped of singing and dancing, the play’s portrayal of child abuse, rape and suicide feels more immediate and consequently more unsettling – a reminder of what inspired censors to frequently ban its performance over the years… Fricker’s direction is strong and fluid”

British Theatre Guide: “a very creditable directorial debut from actor John Fricker, and a first production to be proud of for OutFox Productions. It will be interesting to see what comes next.”

A Younger Thetare: “this is an enjoyable and often powerful production”

BOOK TICKETS NOW via the link here: